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Spring exam calendar and testing information is here: Cambridge Exams Calendar Spring 2020

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2020 Cambridge Exams Final Schedule Spring 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4/27             B


4/28           A

Marine 1 AS – AM

4/29           B

General Paper 1 – PM

4/30         A

Marine 2 AS – AM


English 1 AS – PM


*Global Perspective A-Level Submissions Due

May 1               B

Thinking Skills 1 -AM


Marine 3 A – AM



5/4             A

History 2 AS – AM


English 2 AS – PM

5/5             B

Math 1 – AM


Psychology 1 – PM

5/6             A

History 1 AS – AM

5/7             B

Global Perspectives – AM


Math 6 – AM

5/8               A

Marine 4 A – AM


General Paper 2 – PM

5/11             B 5/12          A

Thinking Skills 2 -AM

5/13           B 5/14           A 5/15             B


Psychology 2 – PM


School Exams


School Exams


School Exams


School Exams


History 3 A – AM


English 3 A – PM

25 26 27 28 29

* Global Perspectives AS-Level Submissions Due

June 1 2

History 4 A – AM

3 4 5

English 4 A – PM



    1. Students are required to take the AICE exams for each AICE course in which they are enrolled. This includes completing all required exam components.
    2. Students cannot earn a Cambridge credit toward the AICE Diploma if they do not complete all components/papers of an exam.
    3. Students who take AICE exams are exempt from their regular semester exams in their AICE classes. However, if a student fails to complete any component of their AICE exam, they lose the semester exam exemption.
    4. Students must take the AICE exam for the additional points per MNPS grading policy. This means that students who fail to sit for or complete their Cambridge exams will be stripped of the five extra points on each of their nine-week averages. They will also receive a 50 for their semester exam grade. This will impact their semester averages and their overall GPA. For seniors this could impact scholarship opportunities and may affect their graduation status.
    5. Students must be mindful that some Cambridge exams will be after graduation – in the final weeks of May and the first weeks of June. If a student misses a component of their exam without an excuse that is permitted by Cambridge, they will lose the five points on their nine-week grades, and they will receive a 50 for their semester exam grade. They will also lose that credit toward the Cambridge Diploma. Do not make summer travel plans until you know when your Cambridge exams will be held.
    6. Sophomores and juniors who know they will miss a component of an AICE exam may have the opportunity to take that exam in the fall of the next school year. Students will still be disadvantaged, as they will no longer be in their AICE class the following fall, and they will have taken the class for the tested subject the previous year. However, this will give them the opportunity to keep the 5 percentage points on their nine-week grades, keep their semester exam exemption, and earn a Cambridge credit toward the AICE Diploma. This is not an option for seniors. Students in this situation must alert Mr. Trotter to any potential testing conflict before January 15, 2020.